The requested device is a unique industrial solution designed for very fast printing on industrial measuring glass tubes and modified to specific requirements on dimensions of them. The basic element is an advanced print module fitted with three (3) print heads especially made for print with inorganic ink.  Each block is used for each direct color RAL.

Special glass ink, which is used for print on glass tubes, provides very strong adhesion to glass and ensures easy maintenance of print heads and therefore easy maintenance of the whole machine. 


  • The construction of the machine and the printed module is designed as a welded frame with a pull-out print module for easy maintenance and control of the print heads.
  • The operator display is placed in front of the machine for easy use.
  • From each side of the machine, there are carriers holding the measuring cylinder in the right position for the printing process. This place is movable and after activation of the process are secured by a light gate.
  • The print unit is stable and consists of an ink supply system, printing heads, sensors, and IR(UV) curing unit.
  • The print is done by several runs (minimum 2x) over the glass tube in lengthwise.
  • The carriers, holding cylinders are moveable in axis X and Z of the machine. The printing module moves in Y and the X-axis.

The time needed for print one glass tube in height 300mm (one color, two scales) will be between 10 – 14 seconds.

The average estimated consumption of ink for color at 10% coverage is 2-3 ml/m2.