Six reasons to use axspin digital inkjet printers

1. Personalization without additional costs

Easily change designs within seconds. No minimum production run requirements.

2. High productivity and flexibility​

Only 2,5 seconds to print one piece.

3. Photo quality printing with special effects

Offer customers value-added printing with 3D spot varnish, metallization and spot colors.

4. Fully print beverage cans - including the neck

Many beverage can printers only print the cylinder, leaving the neck unprinted.

5. Low rotary printing costs

Rotary printing costs less than you may think​.

6. Increse Sales, Profit & Market Share

Attract new customers with unique designs and profit opportunities

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axspin - digital inkjet printers for rotate items.


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axpanel - the first proven system for digital inkjet printing on sectional door panels.

Digital UV Inkjet Printing Technology for Garage Doors The axpanel system is the first solution world-wide for digital inkjet printing on garage and industrial door panels.

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Digital inkjet printers for rotary items.

Print any motif, color and effect on different sizes of rotating objects.

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3D printers for industrial usage

Multi-material printing machines with innovative features

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Rotary printing

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