Single-pass high-speed printing of flat objects with personification



  • Highly flexible digital printing unit for single –pass
    printing on paper, foil, cardboard, wood panels, etc.
  • Equiped with the latest generation of print heads
    from Konica Minolta, or other manufacturers
  • UV or UV LED ink curing to provide the highest
    possible print quality and adhesion

Used by

  • Large-scale production for large printing jobs on flat objects
  • Design and Graphic Studios for printing on prospects, leaflets, papers, cartons etc.
  • Packaging & Promotion services for commercial use
  • Advertising offices for printing flat objects for advertising use

Technical data

  • The average speed of one color printing is 80 m/min and can be improved up to 160 m/min by adding of additional printing heads
  • Standard Print resolution: 360 x 1200 dpi
  • Drop size: 3,5 pl, 13 pl, and 35 pl
  • Dimensions of printed objects: dimensions adjustable according to customer requirements
  • Electric energy consumption: 3.7 kWh (PU70-1CLUV-2PH)
  • Activation of ink: IR / UV / UV LED unit possible
  • Check of placement before printing
  • Operating software AXprint

What we can print on

  • Paper and cartons
  • Cardboards
  • Leaflets
  • Prospects
  • Metal coated panels
  • Plastic coated panels


  • Flat vacuum tables produced by Heidelberger
    Druckmaschinen AG, Koenig & Bauer AG and other manufacturers
  • Folding machinery
  • Conveyor systems
  • Various other machinery and equipment

Service Support

  • On-line support
  •  Remote monitoring, adjustment and control via internet
  • On-site service according to agreement
  • Warranty and guarantees according to agreement

Examples of realisation

1 2 1354-3


Printing units specification
Printing unit model Print width Color channels Standard production speed Maximum production speed
PU70-1CLUV 70 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU70-4CLUV 70 mm 4 60 m/min 80 m/min
PU140-1CLUV 140 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU140-4CLUV 4 60 m/min 80 m/min
PU210-1CLUV 210 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU210-4CLUV 4 60 m/min 80 m/min
PU280-1CLUV 280 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU280-4CLUV 4 60 m/min 80 m/min
PU350-1CLUV 350 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU350-4CLUV 4 60 m/min 80 m/min
PU420-1CLUV 420 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU420-4CLUV 4 60 m/min 80 m/min
PU500-1CLUV 500 mm 1 80 m/min 160 m/min
PU500-4CLUV 4 60 m/min 80 m/min

Drop size
3,5 / 13 / 35 pl

Optical resolution
360 / 720 / 1200 dpi

Type of ink
solvent, UV (UV LED), waterbase, oil base

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High-speed digital inkjet printing module PU-C

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