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Sestava KBA_4The module print speed: 1.4m/sec at 720x360dpi, up to 2.8m/sec at 360x360dpi
Type of printheads used: KM1024I-series, total of 11 pcs
Type of UV exposure unit: UV or UV LED
Possible integration: as required for the first or last print unit on offset machines


  1. Expansion with the second row of printheads
    The module print speed is 2.8 m / sec at 720x360 dpi, up to 5.6 m / sec at 360x360 dpi
    Type of printheads used: KM1024I-series, a total of 22 pcs
  2. UV exposure unit AX
    LED UV exposure lamp 16W / cm2, water-cooled, wavelength 385 - 405 nm

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axpanel - the first proven system for digital inkjet printing on sectional door panels.

Digital UV Inkjet Printing Technology for Garage Doors The axpanel system is the first solution world-wide for digital inkjet printing on garage and industrial door panels.

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Digital inkjet printers for rotary items.

Print any motif, color and effect on different sizes of rotating objects.

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3D printers for industrial usage

Multi-material printing machines with innovative features

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Digital Inkjet Printing Unit on Rollers

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