Custom made machines

Custom made machines

Development and design

In development we realize

  • Complete drawings including 3D data, electro or other necessary documents
  • CE statement preparation, including revisions
  • Design and materials for product
  • Production technology
  • Surface treatment and documentation for mass production
  • Alternatively, the prototype
During the development of machines and production lines we elaborate
  • The design and technology of the product (as we produce a product line)
  • Complete documentation or 3D drawings in 2D
  • Electro, media distribution, ...
  • List of spare parts, maintenance requirements and lubrication schedule
  • Risk Analysis
  • Determination of operating conditions, including staff training
  • CE declaration, including revisions, etc. ...

Technical equipment of the design office

  • High-performance computer workstation and large format plotter
  • Several SolidWorks construction workplaces
  • PCSCHEMATIC workstations (electrical circuits and switchboards)
  • GibbsCAM and Kovoprog workplaces for technological processes
  • A number of additional software applications

What do we need to be able to address your quote?

  • Technical drawings or other technical instructions
  • Technological conditions if available
  • Expected machine cycle and qualitative requirements
  • Deadline expectations
  • Safety requirements or special machines handling
  • Specification of suitable suppliers, etc. ...