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  • The extreme speed of printing on large-format materials in very high optical resolution
  • The machine is adjustable for a printing width of up to 1800 mm and lengths of up to 7500 mm
  • Automatic tilting of panels for printing on edges
  • Print in the CMYK color configuration extensible to additional color channels (White, Varnish, Spot color)

Technical data

  • Print resolution: 360 x 360 dpi
  • Optical resolution: 960 x 960 dpi
  • Dimensions of the panels: 610 x 7500 mm (dimensions are adjustable according to customer´s requirements)
  • Electric energy consumption: 9.2 kWh
  • Activation of ink: UV lamp / UV LED lamp
  • Automatically adjustable printing height 0 – 70 mm
  • Check of panel placement before printing
  • Automatic detection of the beginning of a panel and its length
  • The average speed of full-color printing of a panel with the check of placement:
      - 4000 mm panel, 2 - 3 min / panel
      - 6000 mm panel, 3 - 5 min / panel
      - 7500 mm panel, 4 - 6 min / panel
  • Automatic tilting of a panel for printing on the edge
  • Operating software AXprint


  • Pre-treatment of panels
  • Drying chamber with container
  • Production automation
  • Automatic painting cabin


Service Support

  • Provided according to the service package that the customer selects
  • ONLINE support
  • Remote control
  • Service and maintenance: by the agreement at the place of installation
  • Guarantee by agreement

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High tech digital inkjet printing machine FP610_7500-4CUVfor printing on panels and flat materials with UV ink

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