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The machine is designed for very fast printing on flat wooden, plastic, paper and other plates but modified to specific requirements on dimensions of the customer. The basic element is an advanced print module fitted with several rows of print heads Konica Minolta, XAAR or other producers.  The machine is calculated that the printing process is made by both directions (from 2pass to 8pass) to keep as high productivity and quality as possible.

The construction of the machine and a printed module is designed as a welded frame with a pull-out print module for easy maintenance and control of the print heads. The print is done by several runs over the surface of the stem lengthwise. The print module is adapted to move in Z-axis in order to cover different heights of printed panels. The drip bowl will be sliding according to the disposition of the machine. The print module is moving over the printing panels in the axis of the machine (the long way) in order to use a higher speed for print.



Optionally the machine can be equipped with an electronically regulated UV lamp cooled by air, UV LED lamp as well electronically regulated or IR lamp. All those lamps are of design AX and perfectly fit into the printing carriage. After curing, the UV ink becomes instantly abrasion resistant and it is immediately possible to further work with the material.

Technical data:

Dimensions of printing item:
2600 x 1500 mm (could be adjusted based on customer requirements)

No. of channels:
up to 8 channels

Way of print:

Average consumption:
24 ml / m2

Printing heads:
Konica Minolta, Xaar, Kyocera, Seiko, Ricoh and other

Maximum No of Print heads:
up to 32 printing heads

Possible variants:

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High tech digital inkjet printing machine FB2600_1500-8CLUV/2T

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